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Mr. Manjunath S P

Mr. Manjunath S P started Suraksha Constructions in 2010. Since its inception,  Suraksha Constructions has designed a targeted offering of quality exceeding expectations since its establishment. Suraksha Constructions creates spatial experiences that satisfy contemporary dreams and ambitions for refined living and enrich people's lives through partnerships with the top experts in the field, the use of the finest materials and cutting-edge technologies, and flawless project execution layered with an unwavering belief in complete design.

At Suraksha Constructions, we gather knowledge, expertise, resources, and experience to provide our clients with exceptional products and experiences. Our talented staff carries out ambitions, transforming creative design concepts into tangible reality. We work tirelessly to give the highest lifestyle standard, excelling through an open approach and consistently completing projects on time.

We offer worldwide experiences packaged for the luxury connoisseur, the search for a unique living place, or even just the average person, increasing everyday living and meeting the expectations of good living in today's discerning clientele. Good design, which can anticipate demands, fulfill them seamlessly, and enclose them in the greatest quality accessible in this sector, runs through our diverse fields.

Who Are We?

A reputable name in the building sector, Suraksha Constructions boasts unmatched quality and original, out-of-the-box ideas that give the projects a unique air. May it be Residential, Commercial, Villa, Warehouses and Hospitals construction projects are our areas of expertise. At Suraksha Constructions we place a higher priority on client trust than on actual sales. In keeping with our commitment to uncompromising quality, we combine solid engineering with original ideas and carefully choose the raw materials to give our customers only the best.

Our Vision

The construction sector, according to Suraksha Constructions, is rampant with gaps caused by a lack of fair pricing, smart technology, a poor labour management system, delays, and a lack of raw material quality verification. A comprehensive solution created by Suraksha Constructions handles each of these problems and transforms the entire client experience. We want to encourage a culture of smart construction and living.

Our Goals

Four fundamental principles that guarantee the finest client experience and foster enduring relationships are held dear by our firm.

End to End Ownership – We provide a comprehensive building package that meets all of the client’s requirements.

Quality Control and Affordable Prices – Excellent finishing and excellent quality do not always require a big expense.

Flexible Payment Options – We uphold stringent corporate ethics, wherein value for money and openness are the guiding tenets.

Timely Updates and On-Time Delivery – We work hard to deliver every job on time and with little to no delay.

Why Choose Us?

Suraksha Constructions has developed a distinct market niche in the building and remodelling sector over the years. More than a dozen projects in various areas of Bangalore have been finished by our team.

Each of our projects features modern technology and design elements and is constructed from materials of the highest calibre. From the acquisition of raw materials to the final touches and post construction management, Suraksha Constructions integrates each and every facet of building.

In order to accommodate the various tastes and preferences of our consumers, we also provide a wide variety of options. The experience of Suraksha Constructions in benchmark construction ranges from expansive villas to stylish smart homes.

Our knowledge encompasses all necessary building components in addition to construction and renovation services. We help our customers get a plan approved from the appropriate authorities by providing detailed assistance on the approval procedure in Bangalore.

Our knowledgeable consultants and engineers are always on hand to help prospective homeowners with questions regarding plot fees, registration costs, as well as financial advise on home financing and the advantages and disadvantages of different programmes.

The goal of Suraksha Constructions is to serve as your one-stop solution for all of your construction needs. Simply simple, you imagine a space, and we create it for you. 

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Civil Engineer
  • 5+ years of experience in Civil Engineering.
    Worked as Cost Estimator, BOQ preparation, quantity surveyor,
    Site inspection, reinforcement checking, contractors bill checking and certification.
  • Handeled projects like Residential, Commercial and Institutional Buildings
    Co-ordination with Architects and Engineers.
    Well management with the team.
Suresh Suraksha Constructions
Project Manager-Engineer
  • 15 years experience in Developing and Managing Construction Projects like
    Warehouse(PEB structure), Commercial Buildings, Sports Complexes, Hospital Interiors &
    Manager and innovator. Engineering and Management are his tools.
Mr Manjunath

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